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IKIGAI Keychain

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Modelled after Club Chazu's first piece, the IKIGAI necklace.
Choose your corresponding necklaces' color or mix and match!

- Green aventurine
- Orange quartzite
- Blue aventurine
- Red glass
Each color is paired with pearl, crystal, and stainless steel beads on a large lobster claw.

All pieces are unique due to them being handmade. Some findings may vary depending on where they are sourced. Quality is our priority!

This collection was inspired by the Japanese concept of Ikigai which stands for “a reason for being.” It is a word that depicts your sense of purpose, encompassing your vocational and personal values where achieving fulfilment is motivated by your inner self.

“I chose this name because the year 2020 was a time of self reflection for a lot of us. I want these pieces to remind the wearer to live out their Ikigai.”
- Leean, creator of Club Chazu

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